That other place

Aside from the red skirt on a woman moving forward – a knowing stillness tends to reign over the subjects in this collection of mostly large-scale works. Both figures and landscapes are architecturally present. Branches on trees are scuplturel and the leaves in the forest do not necessarily blow in the wind. Figures stroll purposely onto the stage of life or theatre – again, there’s that woman in the red skirt. In “The Hammock”, the first work in Silvia Codignola’s latest series La seconda casa (The second home), the central figure is the definition of languor - of summertime - of that other place we go to when its time to cut off and reconnect with our souls. In this case, it’s the hammock in the woods, and the figure is à l’aise, so much so that she has discarded her clothes. Movement comes from the sunlight on the trees which nonetheless shimmer in the quietness. A figurative work which hints to that essential state where there is harmony in – just - being.