Piccolo Atlante Botanico della Garbatella

La Garbatella and its flora are a well-kept Roman secret. An exotic and unique area of Rome - founded almost 100 years ago (in 1920) - it is known for its architecture based on lots. Originally settled by colonialist and their families, the neighbourhood is teeming with lush plants - brought over by veterans from the Italian colonial wars in Ethiopia, Somalia, Eritrea and Libya.
Even though Italian film director and actor, Nanni Moretti, rode his Vespa through the neighbourhood in his 1993 film, Caro Diario (Dear Diary) - somewhat putting the neighbourhood in the collective conscious, la Garbatella remains a hidden treasure.
With the series PLANTARIUM Piccolo Atlante Botanico della Garbatella, Giovanni Cocco offers a glimpse of this treasure as he unveils the neighbourhood's flora and vegetations - its enthralling green spaces. In so doing, Giovanni Cocco manages to preserve its mystery while giving movement to still life in this eloquent series.

"Hence the choice to photograph plants, because they represent a kind of aesthetic, behavioral, architectural and vegetational exoticism of the entire physical place. " - Giovanni Cocco