From the archives of ILEX Gallery, we have put together a Hall of Mirrors show, where the jazziness of photography – one image flowing seamlessly to another – leads to a trajectory of images as if on a carousel. Looking at one leads to another and then another. Culled from a myriad of photographers, the show reflects both direct and happenstance in connections, some subconscious, some directly inspired from art history, like Rory Carnegie’s Durer and Rembrandt influenced animal portraits or Davide Monteleone’s seascapes which seem to channel Rothko.

With works by René Burri, Rory Carnegie, Nathalie Daoust, Rena Effendi, Jason Eskenazi, Maya Goded, David Alan Harvey, Vivian Maier, Davide Monteleone, Marina Sersale, Angelo Turetta and Francesco Zizola.

Curated by Laura Mocci.