Maya Goded’s (Mexico, 1964) images explore femininity – in society, family, or in the solitude of an afternoon nap or an empty bar. Her subjects play with us in the fullness of womanhood and girlhood. ILEX is proud to present a selection of photographs from Goded’s award winning and of-exhibited collection of stories on women in Mexico. The subjects of her camera, at turn, gaze at us with languor, curiosity and defiance – daring us to cross that line.

Seleccionado “Una Reina a su Gusto” Festival Internacional de Cine de Morelia 2011

Honors and Awards
Prince Claus Fund, Amsterdam, Netherlands 2010
National System for creators, National Council of Culture and the Arts, Mexico 2009
Guggenheim, New York, USA 2003
Eugene Smith Award, New York 2001
Fotopress’01, Semiannual Contest organized by the La Caixa Foundation, Spain 2000
Master Class, World Press Photo, Amsterdam, Netherlands 1996
First Prize, Mexico at Crossroads, Univeristy of Munich, Germany 1994
First Prize (International award), Mother Jones Foundation, San Francisco, California, USA 1993
Grant “Young Creators”, National Council for Coulture and the Arts, Mexico 1991-1992

Good Girls, Umbrage, New York USA 2006
Plaza de la Soledad, Editorial Lunwerg, Spain 2006
Nueva Photographia Latinoamericana 3, Cuerpo, Editorial La Sombra Argentina 2006
Fotografia, Televisa Foundation, Mexico D.F. 2005
Nosotras, Collection Magnum, Filigranes Editions, France 2004
Mexico D.F., Toluca Project, Galleria Lopez Quiroga, France-Mexico 2004
Blink, Phaidon, England 2003
Mapas Abiertos: Fotografia Latinoamericana 1991- 2002, 2003
Terra Negra, Culturas Populares, Editorial Luzbel 2003

Solo Exhibitions
Welcome to Lipstick & Land of Witches, Atelier des Forges, Arles France 2011
Las Olivadas, The Forgotten Women, California Museum of Photography, CA, YSA
Todas Volvemos a La Calle, Casa America, Madrid, Spain 2007
Plaza de la Soledad, Museo Bellas Artes, Mexico City, Mexico 2007
Neighborhood of Solicitud, Prostitutes of Mexico City, King Juan Carlos I of Spain Center, New York University, USA 2005
Maya Goded, Graduate School of Journalism, University of California, Berkley USA 2003
Sexo-servidoras: Female Prostitutes, Pancho Fierro Municipal Gallery, Lima semiannual Biennal Iberoamericana, Peru 2001
Sexo-servidoras: Female Prostitutes, Museo Nacionale Centro de Arte Reina Sofia, Madrid, Spain 2001
Territorios Singulares, Contemporary Photography, King Juan Carlos I of Spain Center, New York Univeristy, USA 1999
Black Earth, Blue sky, Oregon Center for the photographic Arts Inc. Oregon, USA 1998
Promise and Insult, The San Pablo Cultural Center (NAPHOTO), Brasil 1997
Mexico’s third root: Black Earth, South Africa 1995
Black Earth, MACO Museum, Oaxaca, Mexico 1995

Collective Exhibitions
Veracruz, The Others Show, Le Nuove, Turin, Italy 2011
El Peso del la Ciudad, collection Anna Gamazo de Abello 2010
Ni una masç The Juarez Murders, Leonard Pearstein Gallery, Philadephia USA 2010
Mundos Mexicanos, 25 Contemporary Photographers, Fine Arts Building, Brussels 2010
Fricciones y Conflictos en Iberoamerica,Spain 2009
Sutil Violento, Brazil (itinerant) 2008
Un Monde en Partage, Magnum Photos, France (itinerant) 2008
Los Colores de la Carne, Spain 2007
Frontiera 450+, Station Museum of Contemporary Art, Houston, Texas, USA 2007
Maps Abiertos, Photographia Latinoamericana, 1991– 2002, Barcelona, Mardrid, Spain 2006
Mexico, Identidad y Ruptura, Spain 2003
Mundos Creados, Latjns-Amerikaanse Fotografie, Noorderlicht, Netherlands 2003
Body Referred to; Anatomical Representations and Constructions, Mexico XVI-XX Centuries, Museo National de Arte, Mexico City, Mexico 2003
Foto Fest Houston, USA 2003
Looking at the 90′s, Vine Street Studios 2003
Native Earth;Six Mexican Women Photographers, The Light Factory Gallery, North Carolina, USA 2002
Latin American Photography, The Women’s Museum of Denmark, Arhus Festuge, Denmark 1998
Unique Territories, Isabel II Channel, ARCO, Madrid, Spain
Itinerant: Portugal, Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany 1997
Latin American Photography Documentalists, Pretoria Menlyn University, Pretoria Center and African Museum, South Africa 1997
Latin American Photography Convention, Mexico Puerto Rico 1997
In American and Caribean Women, Peking China 1996
Mexico im Umbruch, Aspekte Galerie, Gasteig Kulturzentrum, Munich 1994
Oaxaca, Magic of Mexico, Rotterdam Museum of Art, Netherlands 1993
Mexico from 1920- 1992, European Festival for the Arts, Europalia, Brussels, Belgium
The Enchantment of Oaxaca, Arte Contemporáneo de Monterrey Museum
(MARCO), Monterrey, Mexico and Bellas Artes, Mexico City; Europe and USA (Itinerant) 1992-1991

Fototeca del Consejo Mexicano de Fotografia, Mexico
The Witliff Gallery of Southwestern & Mexican Photography, Texas, USA
Comunidad de Madrid, Spain
Margolis Foundation, Tucson, Arizona, USA
Anna Gamazo de Abellò
Jean-luis LarvièreStanislas Poniatowski
Collection Agustin y Isabel Coppel