Francesco Zizola (Italy, 1962) has documented the world’s major conflicts and their hidden crisis, focusing on the social and humanitarian issues that define life in the developing world as well as in Western countries.

A strong ethical commitment and a distinctive aesthetic eye are specific features of his pictures. His work has taken him around the world, giving him the opportunity to carefully portray forgotten crises and relevant issues often disregarded by mainstream media. He received numerous awards over the years, including ten World Press Photo awards and four Pictures of the Year International awards (POYi).

In 2003, Henri Cartier Bresson included one of Francesco Zizola’s pictures among his 100 favorites. This collection was made into an exhibition – Les Choix d’Henri Cartier Bresson –  and a book.

In 2015, Francesco Zizola embarked on a new ongoing series called Hybris. For the ancient Greeks, the term Hybris or Hubris defined the sin of excess and an overestimation of one’s own competence – thus provoking punishment from the Gods. The first chapter in the Hybris series focuses on the relationship of dominance and the overstepping of limits by man with respect to the sea. These images refer back to a time in which the sea was still inhabited by fish. The body of work combines portraiture, still life and reportage from the Mediterranean Sea. The Hybris series focuses on the sin of arrogance in the domination of man over nature. Fatal for the living world of the sea, which is fast disappearing.

Francesco Zizola has published seven books, among which Uno Sguardo Inadeguato (Collana Grandi Autori, FIAF, 2013), Iraq (Ega/Amnesty International, 2007) and Born Somewhere (Delpire/Fusi Orari, 2004), an extensive work on the conditions of children from 27 different countries. His work has been widely exhibited, including exhibitions at Palazzo Magnani in Reggio Emilia, MART – Museum of modern and contemporary art of Trento and Rovereto, NRW Forum, Dusseldorf, Germany and Palazzo delle Esposizioni in Rome. His work is in the collections of Le Musée Nicéphore Niépce in Chalon-sur-Saone and the Maison Européenne de la Photographie, Gentilly, France and in private collections.

World Press Photo Awards
Second Prize, Contemporary Issues 2016
Third Prize, Nature Singles 2012
Second Prize, People in the News 2008
First Prize, Portraits Singles 2005
Second Prize, Daily Life Stories 2002
First Prize, General News 1998
Second Prize, General News Stories 1998
First Prize, People Stories 1997
World Press Photo of the Year documenting the tragedy of landmines in Angola 1996
First Prize, People in the News 1995

Honors and Awards
Pictures of the Year International, 1st place Multimedia News Story, 3rd place Exodus for “In the same boat” 2016
First and Second prize, NPPA Best of Photojournalism, USA 2008
Honorable Mention, 16th Lead Awards, Germany 2008
Honorable Mention, Hansel-Mieth Prize, Germany 2008
First Prize, One Vision European 2007
NPPA the Best of Photojournalism 2007
Jury’s Prize, DAYS JAPAN International Photojournalism Awards 2007
Annual Web Winner for Photo District 2006
Hansel-Mieth Prize 2005, Germany, 2006
Pictures of the Year International, USA 2006
Born Somewhere, Photo District News Best Book Selection 2005
Second Prize, NPPA Best of Photojournalism, USA 2005
Honorable Mention, Alexia Foundation for World Peace for “Frontline: the Nuba in Sudan” 2004
Honorable Mention, Hansel-Mieth Prize, Germany 2004
Pictures of the Year, National Press Association for the “Killing Fields” in Iraq published in U.S. News & World Report 2003
Honorable Mention, Hansel-Mieth Prize for “Pearl fishermen” in Indonesia, published in Mare 2001
Second Prize, Eugene Smith 2000
Pictures of the Year, National Press Association for “Underneath China’s Boom” published at US News & World Report 1998
Pictures of the Year, National Press Association for “Burn Victim in Iraq” published in Life Magazine 1997
Visa d’Or, International Festival of Photojournalism 1996
Ruas as Best Photography Book, MIFAV Award, Photography and Visual Arts Faculty of University of Rome 1994

Uno Sguardo Inadeguato, FIAF Collana Grandi Autori, Italy 2013
Iraq, Gruppo Abele Italy 2007
Né Quelque Part, Delpire Editeurs (France) / Born Somewhere, Fusi orari Italy 2004
Etats d’enfances, Photo Poche (France) / Contrasto Italy 1999
Sei Storie di bambini, Contrasto 1997
Ruas, Gruppo Abele Edizioni 1994

Solo Exhibitions

Sale Sudore e Sangue, personal exhibition EXMA, Cagliari, Italy 2017
Le donne del cacao, personal exhibition, Triennale di Milano, Italy 2017
Centro Internazionale della Fotografia di  Palermo, personal exhibition, Italy 2017
Depth of Silence, personal exhibition Museu Marítim, Barcelona, Spain 2015
Hybris, personal exhibition, Festival di Fotografia, Corigliano Calabro, 2014
Uno sguardo inadeguato, personal exhibition FotoArt Festival, Bielsko-Biala, 2013
South Sudan on the Eve of Independence, 10×8 Gallery, Sydney, Australia 2013
Uno Sguardo Inadeguato, Museo di Roma in Trastevere, Italy 2013
Shadows, MART – Museum of modern and contemporary art of Trento and Rovereto, Italy 2010
Francesco Zizola: Fotogiornalista, Sao Paolo Brazil 2010
Beach Culture, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 2010
Born Somewhere, Hatachana Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel 2009
Mondi al Limite, Francesco Zizola per MSF, Festival di Internazionale, Ferrara, Italy 2009
Voci dal cuore, Enel Cuore Onlus, Rimini, Italy 2008
Born Somewhere, Museo di Roma in Trastevere, Italy 2006
I cento volti dei bambini, Palazzo Magnani, Reggio Emilia, Italy 2006
Born Somewhere, Obiettivo Uomo Ambiente, Viterbo, Italy 2005
To Live, Koroska Gallery of Fine Arts, Slovenj Gradec, Slovenia 2005
Shadows, Scuola Romana di Fotografia, Rome, Italy 2004
Heirs of 2000, NRW Forum, Dusseldorf, Germany 2000
Etats d’enfances, Paris, France 1998
Galleria FNAC, Paris, France 1998
Heirs of 2000/Unicef, Arengario di Palazo Reale, Milan, Italy 1997
Heirs of 2000/Unicef, Palazzo delle Esposizioni, Rome, Italy 1996
Visa pour l’image, Perpignan, France 1995

Collective Exhibitions

Unseen, Amsterdam 2017
PhotoLondon Fair, London, UK, 2017
PhotoLondon Fair, London, UK, 2016
A NOOR journal on the changing planet, Festival di Fotografia Europea, Reggio Emilia, Italy 2015
Abbandoni, Palazzo Cosentini, Ragusa, Italy, 2015
The Sweet and Sour Story of Sugar, Yogikarta, Indonesia 2012
Solutions by NOOR, Getty Gallery, London, UK, 2012
Solutions by NOOR, 10b photography Gallery, Rome, Italy 2011
Consequences by NOOR, 10b Photography Gallery, Rome, Italy 2011
Testimoni del Nostro Tempo, Rome, Italy 2010
Consequences by NOOR, DASK Gallery, Copenhagen, Denmark 2009
One Noor in New York, CVZ Contemporary, NY, USA 2007
Act of Faith, Noorderlicht Photofestival, Netherlands 2007
Les choix d’Henri Cartier Bresson, Paris, France 2003, Barcelona, Spain 2003

Le Musée Nicéphore Niépce, Chalon-sur-Saone, France
Maison Européenne de la Photographie, Gentilly, France